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May 01 2017

Asbestos, spying and the Canadian connection

This week in Geneva, delegates to a conference of the parties to the Rotterdam Convention are again discussing whether chrysotile asbestos should be put on the list of hazardous substances. Michelle Lalonde writes in Montreal Gazette, April 29, 2017:

Apr 30 2017

After 60 years, Indonesia now recognizes Asbestos related diseases

Jakarta, April 28, 2017: Asbestos has been used in Indonesia since 1950. To date, Indonesia ranks 5th of the big asbestos consumer countries in the world with total consumption until 2015 reachs 119,405 ton and the 3rd largest country that imports asbestos with total import from 2007 to 2015 reachs 1.043.882 ton. Statistic Indonesia recorded more »

Apr 30 2017

India launches National Asbestos Profile

NAP Launched DNA

April 29, 2017: We are pleased to launch National Asbestos Profile herewith which gives comprehensive information on asbestos use in India. The hazards of Asbestos are well known. 55 countries have banned its use, trade, import, mining, manufacturing and other economic activities related to asbestos. Nepal banned asbestos in 2014 while Sri Lanka has declared more »

Apr 30 2017

Union workers in Pakistan demand ban on all forms of asbestos at upcoming UN meeting

April 29, 2017, Karachi: Trade union activists and workers from asbestos industries, including the ship breaking industry, have expressed their grave concerns over the use of asbestos in their local industries. They demanded the government of Pakistan to institute a mechanism for an immediate and urgent ban on all forms of asbestos in the country, along more »

Apr 28 2017

Chrysotile asbestos—a call for action on this hazardous substance

By Kathleen Ruff April 27, 2017: Chrysotile asbestos comprises 95% of all asbestos sold during the past century and for the past 30 years has represented the totality of the global asbestos trade.[1] The scientific consensus is clear that all forms of asbestos are harmful and should be banned.[2, 3, 4, 5] In light of clear evidence linking asbestos more »

Apr 27 2017

Concordia University withdraws asbestos report

April 26, 2017: In response to a complaint from scientists, academics and civil society organisations, Concordia University in Montreal has posted a notice that Concordia has withdrawn a report that the university funded and published in 2015, Lessons from the Quebec Asbestos Industry: Can there be meaningful dialogue and consensus when facts come up against feelings?  more »

Apr 26 2017

Daily report on Basel, Rotterdam & Stockholm COPs

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin is published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development – Reporting Services Division (IISD-RS). It is now providing a daily report of what is happening at the Basel, Rotterdam & Stockholm COPs. If you go to their website - - you will see photos taken each day at the COPs and at the top, more »

Apr 25 2017

Media Briefing Kit of Rotterdam Convention COP 8 has been launched

The final version of the Media Briefing Kit of Rotterdam Convention COP 8 has been launched. The COP 8 is scheduled to be held from April 24 to May 5, 2017 at Geneva, Switzerland. The Media Briefing Kit has been produced with the help of ASEA and APHEDA. This media kit has been produced as more »

Apr 03 2017

(COP8) Rotterdam Convention 2017

Stand with Rajendra – demand a ban on chrysotile asbestos now Rajendra Pevakar is a victim of the deadly global asbestos industry. His father worked in an asbestos company. As a result, both he and his mother now suffer from asbestos-related disease from secondary exposure. Rajendra will speak out on behalf of the 107,000 people more »

Mar 31 2017

Asbestos Victory in Belgium

In a 15-page judgment, the three judge panel concluded that Eternit had known asbestos was a carcinogenic substance since the 1970s but had failed to protect workers or local people from hazardous exposures as a result of which Françoise, who lived near the company’s factory in Kapelle-op-den-Bos for decades, contracted the fatal asbestos cancer mesothelioma. more »

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