Oct 28 2016

Nepal – National Asbestos Profile

[Press Release]Protection of Public Health and Environment from Carcinogenic Asbestos Needs Effective Implementation of Government Decision

October 21, 2016, Kathmandu, Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED) stressed the needs of effective implementation of Government`s decision of banning all form of asbestos except lining of brake shoe and clutch plates, effective since 20 June 2015 for the protection of Public Health, especially of workers health and environment.

Today, a research based document “National Asbestos Profile of Nepal” prepared by CEPHED under the project supported by Takagi Fund for Citizen Science, Asia Ban Asbestos Network (ABAN) and International Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS) has been released by the Chief Guest Mr. Narayan Raj Timalsina, Acting Secretary, Ministry of Population and Environment (MOPE) in an interaction program organised by CEPHED participated by some 50 personals from different concerned government agencies, development agencies, private agencies, consumers, professional associations like FCAN, FGSFN, PABSON, GEFONT, Trade Unions, Health professional and media personnel’s . Other special remarks has been made by ILO, WHO representatives, NHRC, Department of Custom and several other professionals organizations and OSH health professionals and experts. Program were held under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohan Katuwal, Advisor of CEPHED, President of Federation of Grill and Steel Fabricators Nepal and Vice President (Objective), Small and Cottage Industry , Nepal.

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Chief Guests and other delegations from concerned government and private agencies strongly believed that this country National Asbestos Profile will be very useful and complement in many ways Government of Nepal, especially to the Ministry of Population and Environment (MOPE) , Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), Ministry of Labour and Employment (MOLE) and Ministry of Finance (MOF)`s work towards effective implementation of Government of Nepal`s Asbestos banning decision, market monitoring and equally useful for other concerned stakeholders towards protection of the public health, workers health and environment. This profile will be also very useful for Government of Nepal in realizing its national obligation under multiple chemicals Conventions such as Rotterdam Convention, Basel Convention and SAICM etc. to which Nepal is party since decade ago.

It is a matter of proud to state that Nepal is the first country in the South Asia to ban the Import, Sale, Distribution and Uses all form of Asbestos (Corrugated / Non-corrugated Sheet, Tiles, Insulators etc.) and Asbestos containing products except asbestos lining of Brake Shoe and Clutch Plates on last December 22, 2014. The decision took effects after 181 days of Gazette notification i.e. on 20 June 2015. Since then there has been continued efforts made by concerned ministries and their department especially the Department of Custom in coordination with all other related departments, stakeholder has achieved very noticeable result of about 50 % reduction in importation within a year of effective implementation, still more has to be done and hence called for effective implementation of banning decision and increased market monitoring. It has been believed and committed from concerned agencies especially Department of Custom and Department of Commerce that in coming years they will able to achieve 100 % import ban and regulate the market accordingly with the cooperation from all stakeholders and concerned other government agencies towards making the ZERO importation.

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