Jun 13 2015

Special Session on Asbestos at ICOH 2015

A special session on “Asbestos problems in Asia” was held at the International Congress on Occupational Health (ICOH) held from May 31 to June 5, 2015. The session was moderated by Domyung Paek from the Seoul National University. Participants to the session included – Sanjiv Pandita from Asia Monitor Resource centre who spoke on the Need for Appropriate Technology to diagnose asbestos related diseases, Mohit Gupta, Coordinator ANROEV who spoke on Asbestos Problems in India- abandoned or neglected, Yeyong Choi, Asian Citizens Centre for Environment and Health who spoke on Asbestos issues after the Ban, Sugio Furuya, Japan Occupational Safety and Resource Centre who spoke on Government Responsibility for the already known Carcinogen, asbestos and Yeonsil Kang, Korea Advanced institute of Science and Technology who spoke on Science and Technology study’s insights to asbestos in Asia.


1. Need for Appropriate Technology to Diagnose Asbestos Related Diseases

2. Asbestos in India – Abandoned or Neglected – Myths & Realities

3. Asbestos Issues after The Ban: Korea Case

4. Government Responsibility for The Already Known Carcinogen, Asbestos

5. Science and Technology Studies’ (STS) Insights to Asbestos in Asia