Feb 12 2009

Subsidy / Sponsorship

Financial Support for Participants from Developing Countries especially in the Asian Region
The Organizing Committee is particularly keen to involve right persons from developing countries especially in the Asian region in the conference. We will provide financial support to help defray the whole or a part of expenses associated with conference attendance (e.g. air, ground transportation, food and hotel accommodation) to those who apply with ALL the required documents and original receipts.

Eligibility criteria include:

1. organisations from LDC countries

2. organisations / trade unions working at grassroot levels in developing Asian countries

3. Activists, researchers from LDC and some developing Asian countries with a proven track record of activism

These are only guidelines, the final decision rests with the organisers of AAC 2009.

Please note that we can only provide reimbursement to those who fulfill the following terms of reimbursement:

1. Scope for reimbursement

  • travel expenses (airfare, ground transport); all travel should be conducted in the least expensive manner- economy airfare only
  • travel insurance
  • visa application

2. Non-reimbursable items

  • Any additional expenses incurred as a result of personal travel, including extra hotel nights, additional stopovers, meals or transportation, are the sole responsibility of the participant and will not be reimbursed by the Organiser.
  • Personal expenses are not reimbursable, such as
    • personal phone calls & long distances phone services
    • laundry services
    • in-room internet access
    • personal recreational costs and in-room movies
    • mini-bar and any other expenses not approved by organisers

3. Supporting documents required

  • Original receipts are required for all expenses being claimed
  • Boarding pass is absolutely required for air ticket reimbursement. Those who fail to present the boarding pass will not have their air travel cost reimbursed

4. Procedure for payment of reimbursement

  • Participants are requested to fill in the claim form (to be provided) stapled with original receipts
  • The claim form should be signed and give to the Organiser according to announcements made at the Conference
  • Late return of the claim form will cause a delay in receiving your reimbursement before the closing of the meeting

In the event of a natural disaster or other unforeseen disruptive circumstances, the congress organizers accept no responsibility for loss of monies incurred by participants. Participants are strongly encouraged to make their own arrangements with respect to personal travel and health insurance.