Jun 21 2016

The Asbestos Hazard at Shipyards

by Laurie Kazan-Allen

A high incidence of asbestos-related disease has been recorded amongst military and civilian workforces at shipyards in England, Scotland, Italy, Japan, the U.S. and many other countries.1 In the 1898 annual report of the Chief Inspector of Factories and Workshops, clear warnings were given regarding the “abundant evidence” about the “evil effects of [asbestos] dust” by Lucy Deane, one of the country’s first female factory inspectors. While Miss Deane was reporting observations from inspections of factories and workshops, what was true in those settings was clearly also true in other locations where asbestos was used.

In August 1945 Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Factories A. W. Garrett was so concerned about the consequences of asbestos use in the shipbuilding and ship repairing industries that he wrote a letter to industry stakeholders in which he stated: Read more

Courtesy: IBAS