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ANROEV Solidarity Letter to Nong Phawa Community

April 2, 2024

We, ANROEV members, express our heartfelt solidarity and support to you in the face of the severe industrial pollution and environmental injustice that your community has been enduring. Your ongoing fight against the devastating damage caused by Win Process Co., Ltd is a testament to your strength and commitment to safeguarding your community, land, and health. The extensive toxic chemical contamination spanning hundreds of acres of land, rubber plantations, and rice fields, and affecting air, water, and soil quality, that we witnessed and experienced during our visit on 27 March 2024, is truly distressing.

Nong Phawa community has raised these concerns about pollution and protested against the factory opening in 2011. Since then, you have endured years of pollution and took legal action in 2021 to seek justice and compensation. The contamination is ongoing, and this situation clearly highlights the government’s and the company’s failure to prioritize the voices of the community over industrial interests. It also reflects the systemic failure of government oversight and corporate responsibility in prioritizing community well-being and environmental protection. These systemic issues must be urgently and comprehensively addressed and reformed. We strongly condemn the government’s prolonged negligence in enforcing stringent environmental regulations and monitoring practices, holding those responsible for environmental disasters accountable, and ensuring swift and fair access to justice.

ANROEV stands firmly with your demands for comprehensive environmental restoration efforts, ongoing pollution monitoring, site reclamation, compensation, rehabilitation, and remediation measures. While the court’s decision to award compensation is a step forward, it must be followed by concrete actions to restore the affected areas and support the affected families in rebuilding their communities and livelihoods. In the past, the community has been neglected by the responsible officers and the Department of Industries must continue cleaning up enormous amount of toxic waste in the storehouse and work against time to restore the area to a safety level.

Please know that you are not alone in your fight. Your courage and perseverance are an inspiration to all of us who advocate for a more just, sustainable, and environmentally conscious future. The situation in Ban Nong Phawa is not just a local issue; it is a stark reminder of the broader challenges we face in safeguarding our environment, health, and fundamental human rights in the face of unchecked industrial activities. We will continue to raise awareness about your plight and urge authorities to take decisive action to prevent similar environmental injustices from occurring elsewhere in the region.

With unwavering solidarity and support,

Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims (ANROEV)
Contact: anroevcoordinator@gmail.com

ANROEV members who visited the polluted area are signed hereby.

Read more about Nong Phawa’s story and struggle here https://bit.ly/3PFUsdN