‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Victoria & Johnny Respond to Accusations That She Cheated on Him With Greg (Exclusive)

Victoria claimed that their relationship ended three weeks after leaving the beach, but Johnny said that Victoria’s timeline of events “doesn’t add up.”

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Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller are openly discussing their breakup. Following the season 8 reunion taping of Bachelor in Paradise, ET’s Denny Directo spoke with the ex-couple, and they both responded to claims that Victoria had an affair with Johnny using her new boyfriend, Greg Grippo.

“I have nothing to say about that. I am clueless “Johnny informed ET. I’m almost eager to put this in the past.

When discussing the reasons for his breakup at the reunion itself, Johnny was more detailed. “I began to feel inadequate in her eyes. We began to quarrel and fight, “said he. “Rumors began to spread. I wish I could say I trusted her, but I’m not sure.”

He wouldn’t say whether he believes Victoria, though.

Victoria claimed that their relationship ended three weeks after leaving the beach, but Johnny said that Victoria’s timeline of events “doesn’t add up.”

“We remained a unit. We had our problems and were trying to fix them, Johnny told ET. “… I truly wish we had more time because I feel like engagement is something so important and in a way we was dealt a poor card. But once more, you are certainly free to be glad if she wasn’t.

When asked about the timeframe, Victoria herself responded to ET, saying, “I understand that it’s incredibly hard [because] you’re watching it one moment and then you’re seeing me and Greg the next second, but this happened five months ago. Five months ago, we shot.

She replied, “I simply want to move on with my life.” “I can’t put a stop to my life because someone is depressed or I desire to avoid upsetting anyone’s sentiments. While I don’t want to offend anyone, I also want to live my life. Johnny remarked, “There was a lot that happened,” when asked what went wrong in their relationship.

“We departed Paradise improperly. the start of my season. Watching the events of Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia‘s season of The Bachelorette were really tough to do while trying to be engaged and joyfully engaged, he continued. It kind just grew from there. We got into a brawl. When it came down to it, I believe it was pretty mutual. We were experiencing problems, and it was difficult.

Those altercations reportedly grew very intense. Victoria claimed that Johnny called her a “f**king c**t” and said, “You don’t cook,” during the reunion. You never clean. What do you as a woman bring to a relationship?”

We both know that you said things that Johnny, who refuted these remarks, said to his ex,

Johnny and I were ultimately unsuccessful because, as Victoria put it, “we were just on different pages of life.” “I am a pretty independent person, and I want a partner who is the same. I believe Johnny will arrive. I simply want someone who can meet me there right now in my life. We’re just not at the same position in life, despite the fact that I adore him and think he’s terrific and an excellent person.

Greg added, “I still consider talking to someone else when we’re working on our difficulties infidelity or emotional cheating,” after Victoria “definitely” denied having an affair with him.

“If I actually meant [what I said to you] then I believe I would have at least received an apology or a Johnny informed her, “Hey, just so you know, there’s a lot about to come out and I am in a full-blown relationship with a man that I told you I was not into.

Regardless of the date, Greg, who debuted on Katie Thurston‘s season of The Bachelorette, was Victoria’s new love interest as of Tuesday.

I’ve known Greg for a very long time. This connection is based on a friendship, which, for whatever reason, is just extremely simple to develop into being romantic for us, Victoria stated. We didn’t know how each other might feel, so it was strange. Maybe there was some attraction, but all we were thinking was, “Do we like each other? Do not we? What the heck is going on right now?

But until we travelled to Italy, we really had no idea that we were even interested in one another. Do you want to, like, board a plane and go on a date? he inquired. He said, “Let’s schedule a flight in 24 hours.” Let’s go on a date to see if we like

she said, “‘to each other. Consequently, we went on a date, and that was all.

Even matching “ciao” tattoos were obtained by them.

After Greg joined her on stage, Victoria remarked, “Everyone may hate us if they f**king want. Because I have this f**king dude, I don’t give a s**t.

Victoria told ET that she won’t compare her current relationship with Greg to her previous one with Johnny because “they’re two entirely different guys and I fell in love with both of them for two very different reasons.”

Victoria is disappointed by their tense reunion talk because she once thought she was in love with Johnny.

“I detest the last night’s he-said/she-said exchanges. I detest it because I genuinely adore him as a person and I wish there could have been a simple peaceful resolution. I’m heartbroken about how it turned out, she remarked. I didn’t mean for us to argue back and forth like that. I want us to get along. I want him to enjoy himself. I need him to move forward, and I want to be happy too.”

I want to advance and be happy at the same time.

The contentious reunion discussion didn’t provide Johnny any closure. It was good to be able to wish her the best of luck in life, he said, adding that he had already found closure when he learned that she was in a relationship.

Johnny doesn’t regret proposing in Paradise, despite the heartache that has since followed.

“I gained a lot of knowledge. The key, in my opinion, is learning how to be vulnerable, open, and fall in love “explained he. “Since when have I ever felt that? I will always treasure the feeling I had when I got a knee.”

Likewise, Johnny’s opinion of the series as a whole wasn’t damaged by the incident. Johnny said when asked if he would try again on a franchise show, “Hell yeah.” “I had a great time. It actually works. I was smitten. I was deeply in love. I sensed it.”

However, Johnny has no intention of beginning another relationship anytime soon.

“I believe I need to step back. I must rehabilitate. Personally, I believe that I need to feel at ease with where I am in life “He told ET. “I believe I am still travelling. I believe that I am still searching for my whereabouts. I’m improving myself before I enter another committed relationship.”

The beach from Bachelor in Paradise is now seasonally closed. Zach Shallcross‘ season of The Bachelor, which will debut on January 23 on ABC, will transport you back to Bachelor Nation.





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